[url=http://startools.org/introducing-startools/][size=200]Introducing StarTools[/size][/url]

StarTools is a image post-processing application built from the ground up exclusively for modern hardware and modern astrophotographers.

By tracking signal and  noise evolution during processing, it lets you effortlessly accomplish hitherto "impossible" feats  like deconvolution of a heavily processed image, or autonomous denoising  without local supports or masks.

Having per-pixel knowledge of signal and noise levels at all times, StarTools effortlessly produces results that have no equal in terms of fidelity, while making it far easier to use than traditional astrophotography software.

We believe the onus should be on the software to understand the user's intentions, rather than putting the onus on the user to understand the software.

This belief has seen StarTools become the tool of choice for a many thousands of enthusiasts, schools and institutions.