StarTools is a 64-bit optimized application designed for fast 64-bit multi-core environments, with [b]at least 4Gb of memory available[/b] for larger images. If your machine does not meet these requirements, or you intend to process large images, then please run the 32-bit legacy executable and/or use the Bin module to reduce your image resolution.

The single ZIP archive contains the executables for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, MacOSX, Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit. StarTools is a self-contained pure native application and does not rely on the installation of any further frameworks.

[b]Never download StarTools from anywhere else but startools.org.[/b]

We do not allow distribution of StarTools by any other party, on-line or off-line. If you find a copy of StarTools not hosted on startools.org, please let us know.
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/macos-notes][size=175]macOS notes[/size][/url]

 Some macOS (e.g. Sierra and above) users may need to run "

[b]xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine StarTools.app[/b]

" to un-quarantine StarTools.

This command needs to be run from the folder where the StarTools application is located (you can use the '[b]cd[/b]'  command to navigate to the right folder, while using the [b]TAB[/b] key to auto-complete the path).

Alternatively  StarTools can be launched via control + click on the application, Show  Package Contents, navigating to Contents/MacOS and clicking on the  application.

Apple has been making it increasingly difficult for independent developers to distribute applications. As of Sierra [url=https://www.macworld.com/article/3094865/macs/how-to-run-apps-that-are-not-from-the-app-store-in-macos-sierra.html]you will have to follow the following steps[/url] to run StarTools. 
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/download-bleeding-edge][size=175]Download bleeding edge[/size][/url]

StarTools 1.4.344 beta for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, MacOSX 64-bit, Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit (2.9MB)

Latest version released on 22/02/2019 (DD/MM/YYYY)

[url=http://startools.org/downloads/download-stable][size=175]Download stable[/size][/url]

StarTools Release for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, MacOSX 32-bit, Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit (2.9MB)
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/download-android-tech-demo][size=175]Download Android Tech Demo[/size][/url]

StarTools 1.3.204 for Android 1.6+ Technology Demo (1.5 MB)

[b]NOTE: Put any file you want to load in /sdcard root and name it 'file.tiff'[/b]
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/download-manual][size=175]Download manual[/size][/url]

StarTools uses [url=1stbase.ai]1stbase.ai[/url] for content management, which means that the website content doubles as a printable manual and vice-versa. This content is also available as a smartphone/tablet app, virtual flipbook and more.
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq][size=175]Technical FAQ[/size][/url]

These are some questions that get asked frequently.
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq/high-dpi-and-4k-displays][size=150]High-DPI and 4K displays[/size][/url]

StarTools is display-device agnostic, but can be configured to display its GUI at a 4x higher resolution to accommodate high-DPI devices and 4K displays.

To enable this mode, create an empty file called 'highdpi' (NOTE: without extension or file type) in the StarTools folder where the executable is launched from. 

[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq/anti-virus-alerts][size=150]My virus scanner says StarTools contains a virus or a trojan - what gives?[/size][/url]

Some less reputable virus scanners such as BitDefender falsely report StarTools as a Trojan (due to malware that carries a similar name). Despite multiple users going through the lengths of getting StarTools white listed, the same problem pops up every 6 months or so.

[url=http://forum.startools.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=849&p=3573]Please see         this post in the forums for more information[/url].

Never download StarTools from anywhere else but startools.org. We do not allow distribution of StarTools by any other party, on-line or off-line. If you find a copy of StarTools not hosted on startools.org, please let us know.

If despite the above information you feel your StarTools download does indeed contain malware, please contact us as soon as possible.

[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq/minimum-specs][size=150]What are the minimum recommended specifications to run StarTools?[/size][/url]

The minimum specifications for a computer to run StarTools successfully depends mostly on the resolution the data you intend to process.

 Low resolution  data sets (for example from a 1MP CCD or Webcam) may be processed  successfully on a Pentium IV with 512Mb RAM.

 High-resolution data sets,  such as those from a DSLR typically require at least 4Gb of RAM.

For best results, 16GB and a modern 4-core CPU are recommended, in addition to running from a RAM disk (or alternatively a Solid State Drive).

Regardless of your machine's specification, consider binning your data if your data is oversampled.

[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq/multi-core-usage][size=150]My system has 12 CPU cores. Is StarTools able to use all of them?[/size][/url]

As of 1.3.180 Beta, StarTools uses all cores that it can find  to    speed up your processing in situations where it makes sense.

 Previous versions were capped to 4 cores   max.

Please note that using multiple cores for tasks that are memory bus constrained, can actually have an adverse effect on performance, so you may find that not all algorithms and modules use all cores all of the time.

[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq/difference-32-bit-64-bit-versions][size=150]What is the difference between the 32-bit and the 64-bit version?[/size][/url]

The  32-bit version is meant for older computers with less memory  and/or  a  32-bit Operating System.

 The signal path is 32-bit for the  32-bit   version, while the signal path is 64-bit for the 64-bit version,  the   latter being more precise but requiring twice the memory.  Additionally,   the 64-bit version makes use of the latest instruction  sets (such as   SSE) on the more modern CPUs to speed up processing  tasks.
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq/framework-dependencies][size=150]Why is the ZIP file so incredibly small? Do I have to install   Java or  .NET?[/size][/url]

StarTools is a completely native,   self-contained  application that does   not require any further   installation of helper  libraries or run-time   frameworks.

Everything in StarTools  was  written from the  ground-up and has been   hand-optimised, from the  image  processing  algorithms to the UI library,   from the file  importing to  the font  renderers, for the multi-platform   framework to  the  decompression  routines. Why? Because we feel it is   important to  be  master of our  own destiny (and make you master of your   own  destiny by  extension)  and fundamentally understand each and every    ingredient that  goes into  the mix.

 Fundamentally understanding the    different  algorithms,  optimisation techniques and data structures  gives   us the  ability to  push the boundaries and create truly novel  techniques   and  algorithm  implementations.

Please note that Linux   users, will still need  X11, and GLIB 2.15 installed on their system.
[url=http://startools.org/downloads/technical-faq/startools-crack-or-keygen][size=150]I wish someone would write a keygen or crack for StarTools[/size][/url]

If you had bothered to read the 'buy'       page, you would have learned that you could spare yourself the   effort  of    writing a keygen or crack - if you can't afford the   license fee  and   you  are a genuine enthusiast, we're happy to work   something out!

  We're   not  some big evil company and we're not in it   for the money.  Heck, we   make a  loss on this all for the love of the   hobby and are  not even   covering  our costs as it is.

 Besides, ST's   release cycle is  one of   continuous  updates - you'd be continuously   waiting for the  next crack   or keygen in  order to avail of the latest   features and bug  fixes (of   which there can  be several a month).