[url=http://startools.org/buy/][size=200]Buying StarTools[/size][/url]


A StarTools license is currently priced at [b]65 AUD[/b] (approximately [b]50 USD[/b], [b]45 EUR[/b], or[b] 40 GBP[/b]).

 A 20% discount applies for group buys of 5 licenses or more.
[size=175]Your License[/size]

Your license will be yours to keep. It will never expire and is guaranteed to work with any new version that is released within 2 years of the purchase date. You will not need an Internet connection and you are free to install StarTools on as many systems as you like, provided you own those systems and are an individual. If you are any other entity (business, organization, club, etc.), please contact us. Please see the EULA included in the download for further details. We're not a fan of heavy handed DRM systems and complicated activation procedures. We trust our users to do the right thing – your license key uniquely identifies you and that's good enough for us.
[size=175]Try before you buy[/size]

If you haven't done so, [b]please evaluate the trial version for as long as you like before buying[/b]. It offers full functionality, with the exception of being able to save your work. This way you can be sure StarTools performs adequately on your system and suits your needs.
[size=175]We're not in it for the money[/size]

Lastly, the StarTools project is more about enabling astrophotography for as many people as possible, no matter how limited or advanced their means and equipment, than it is about making a profit - we just try to cover our costs. That said, if the price of a license really is an issue for you (self supported student, minor, pensioner, veteran, hard times, etc.), contact us and we'll try to work something out; we understand - we've been there. No need for cracks, keygens, etc.
[size=175]Processing your order[/size]

Please allow 48 hours for us to process you order as we manually generate the keys from your billing details and e-mail them to you as an attachment via your nominated PayPal e-mail address. Please make sure the e-mail address you have nominated for PayPal transactions is correct.

Please make sure your e-mail inbox is not full. If, despite repeated efforts, our e-mail with the license key attachment cannot be delivered, the full amount will be refunded. If we have not responded within 48 hours after payment,[b] please check your Junk mail folder[/b] and contact us via e-mail or the contact form on the website.